Replacement Sash Windows

We manufacture and install made-to-measure new wooden sash windows

The majority of traditional wooden sash windows can be either repaired or renovated, but in some cases they have gone past the point of repair. Sometimes the traditional timber cases and sashes have been replaced by modern uPVC replacements which diminish the period feel of the flat or house, or have been poorly maintained and need to be replaced. Morningside Windows have applied our traditional skills and years of experience to the craft of making made-to-measure sash and case window replacements, and now offer a bespoke replacement window service for those who need a complete sash and case window replacement.

Marrying traditional methods and timber with some great advances such as the Reddiseals® draught proofing system and double glazed panes suitable for use in sash windows, we make brand new replacement sash and case windows that retain the beauty of original sash windows whilst including the excellent draught and noise reducing qualities of modern windows. Expertly manufactured and installed by our highly-skilled team, our replacement sash windows are an excellent way of retaining or reinstating the period beauty of your home.

How much do replacement sash and case windows cost?

The cost of replacement sash windows depends on a number of simple factors – the number and size of windows to be replaced and your choice of glazing (single or double are both available). All of our work is undertaken by our skilled team of workmen and all work and materials (excluding ropes) are covered by a five year guarantee. Our prices are very competitive and our work is second to none. Contact us to arrange a detailed estimate that includes the cost of all elements of the build and installation.

Have you thought about repairing or renovating your existing sash windows?

If you’re unsure if your sash and case windows need a complete replacement speak to us about our comprehensive repair and renovation services. We offer a range of service from small but essential repairs, replacement glazing with single or double glazed panels, to complete sash and case renovation rejuvenating and improving all elements of your current windows until they are as good as new. Make an appointment for one of our skilled team to visit and assess the best course of action for your sash windows. We also offer a comprehensive sash window repair and renovation service.

Other Services

Draught Proofing Sash Windows

Draughts caused by ill-fitting or aged sash windows are one of the main reasons our customers decide to have work done on their windows. For windows that are in relatively good repair we advise our customers to improve window insulation by draught proofing their existing sash and case windows. We use Reddiseals® draught proofing strips which include a triple draught excluder system and all but eliminate unwanted draughts (as well as improving sound proofing and reducing the amount of dust entering your home). Find out more about our Draught Proofing Sash Windows service »

Double Glazed Sash Windows

It is now possible to adapt traditional sash and case windows to fit double glazed panes of glass. Many customers choose to upgrade their single glazed window units to double glazing to benefit from its superior insulating properties, and to help block out traffic noise on front facing rooms. The addition of double glazing to traditional sash windows gives you the best of both worlds – beautiful period windows that perform as well as modern alternatives. Find out more about our Double Glazed Sash Window service »