Sash Window Repair and Restoration

Why replace your sash and case windows with uPVC plastic when you can repair or refurbish them?

Replacing your traditional timber sash and case windows with modern uPVC replacements can seem like an easy way to banish the problems caused by poorly maintained windows that no longer keep the cold out and the heat in. It is undeniable that uPVC windows provide good insulation at affordable prices. But it’s also undeniable that they lack the style of traditional sash windows and cannot be renovated back to mint condition once they begin to show signs of ageing.

Timber sash and case frames can be repaired and refurbished back to pristine condition, and with regular maintenance they can outlast their uPVC counterparts by decades. Sash window repair and restoration also has the definite benefit of helping you to sympathetically maintain an attractive period feature of your home. Advances in window refurbishment means that a sash window carefully renovated by Morningside Windows will perform on a par with a uPVC alternative, especially if you decide to upgrade your glazing during refurbishment to double glazing.

How much does sash window restoration and repair cost?

The short answer is probably less than you have been led to believe. The long answer is it depends on exactly what work you need doing. When you contact us one of the skilled tradesmen from our Morningside Windows team will visit your property to ascertain the extent of repair or renovation needed and to speak to you about things like whether you want single or double glazing, and what finish you would like for the window ironmongery.

A detailed estimate will be sent to you that includes all elements of work and a final total cost of repair or renovation work. All of our work is undertaken by members of our highly-experienced and highly-skilled team of joiners and glaziers, and all work and materials (excluding ropes) are guaranteed for a five year period.

Our sash window repair and restoration services explained

Sash window renovation includes a number of stages to ensure that your refurbished windows are in full working order, and fit snuggly into the surrounding walls. We also offer sash window repair services for customer’s whose sash windows are in better condition and only need maintenance work. We undertake everything from complete renovation to minor repairs and everything in between.

Sash and Case Renovation

Fastidious renovation of the sash and case itself is a key part of rejuvenating traditional sash windows back to their prime. During the renovation each sash is removed from its case and all of the paint is stripped off. Once the sash and case is paint free all external surfaces are sanded down. Holes and cracks are then carefully filled and screws are added to the sash joints to strengthen them. Where necessary window sills, case repairs, and bottom rails are also replaced. All of the window ironmongery is then replaced with new, high quality brass locks and easy clean fittings. We can fit chrome-finish ironmongery if preferred, or source alternative fittings as requested.

Draught Proofing

Your sashes will be routered to accept Reddiseals® draught proofing strips, which we consider to be the best draught proofing system available. Each strip comprises of two sets of polypropylene brushes and a central draught excluder. At this stage new parting beads and baton rods are fitted to your renovated windows to further seal your windows against unwanted draughts, and to eliminate rattling.

The comprehensive system of draught-proofing that we offer at Morningside Windows offers excellent results as well as providing great sound-proofing and a reduction in the amount of dust entering your home through window gaps.

We also offer standalone draught proofing service for sash windows »

Repointing and New Putty

To ensure the best possible fit between your renovated window case and the surrounding brick or stone we completely remove the existing pointing and replace it with febmast (a traditional material made by combining linseed oil and burnt sand). Any remaining window putty is also stripped back and replaced.

New Single or Double Glazing

Your refurbished sash windows are completed by replacing any damaged glazing with your choice of glass. Panels can be replaced with standard single glazing, upgraded to double glazed panels, or glazed using obscured glass (for example decorative glass panes or panes made from strengthened safety glass) if required.

Find out more about upgrading to double glazed sash windows here »


Once your sash window restoration is complete and your newly repaired sash windows are in place we finish by painting your beautifully restored windows inside and out. Undercoat is applied to the interior and exterior frames (exterior undercoat is used on the exterior side), and then your windows are finished with one coat of white gloss – the perfect simple finish for your painstakingly restored timber sash windows.

Five Year Guarantee

All of our workmanship and the materials that we use (apart from ropes) are guaranteed for five years after work is completed, giving you peace of mind and adding even more value for money to our already competitive prices.

New Made-to-Measure Replacement Sash Windows

We’re delighted to bring our sash window expertise to the production of made-to-measure replacement sash windows (link). Morningside Windows now offer a bespoke replacement sash window service and can build from scratch and fit new timber sash and case windows to suit any requirement.

This service is ideal for customers with windows that are beyond the point of repair, or whose traditional timber sash and case windows have been replaced by uPVC windows. Our handmade made-to-measure replacement sash windows are made with the same exacting attention to detail and excellent draught and sound proofing qualities that we bring to our renovation work, and are also covered by our generous five year guarantee for materials (excluding ropes) and labour.